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Moonlight environment map

This is an environment map that is not realistic.

The Night Boating

The night view of the sea is a very interesting theme for me. I tried to render for relaxation.

It’s unusually I made impulse buying of 3D contents.

For the last few years I have only bought what might be useful for promo images of my product or freebie.

The latter part of a learning of Dynamics.

I’ve been wondering if Poser could do something like dForce for quite some time.

What is Fibermesh?

3d contents are getting more detailed these days. I sometimes saw hairstyles with a lot of fine plain polygons. Are they Fibermesh?

I got the bunny!

I completed most of my room project. So I decided to reward me.

Repaired the curtain.

I repaired House of May’s curtain for the new wall.

I failed in UV mapping.

This waved wall looks like “The Scream”.

Similar rigging.

I also finished rigging the Daz Sutdio version of my wall props.

Making textures.

It is a quiet weekend. I was watching a video from the morning.

This is a hinged door.

I made an orthodox door. To tell the truth, I have added 5 plane objects to the carpet. They are four walls and the ceiling. It is a…

This is a carpet

This is just a plane object. But, this has 6 bones.

This is a 3-bar hinge.

4-bar hinge and 5-bar hinge will be more stable.

Do you need this?

I drew this.

Fixed the closet size

The closet was too tall. I reduced the size of the closet after all.

Making a large item.

It is midnight now rather near dawn. I’m staying up late.