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Added the RSS link of this website.

I added the RSS link of this website on the left-side-menu. I think that add-ons for browsers are easy to reading RSS feeds. If you use some browser’s…

Stars don’t appear in Chuck’s eyes.

with Daz Studio

It is Super!

I finally made my broken Mac go to Apple’s recycling system. I formatted the hard disk and repeated overwrite by a meaningless description 7 times on it for…

Do you need an egg prop?

Do you need an egg prop?

My computer broke.

I am a Mac user for many years. And I haven’t seen a hardware of a Mac was broken till now.

New clothing for somebody W.I.P.

I who is an incorrigible person am making M3 clothing again. And I dislike that  joints of the side and hip after all. The result looks unrefined.