Repaired the curtain.

I repaired House of May’s curtain for the new wall.

The design of wooden bar with a round tip doesn’t suitable to this wide window. But I forgot how to make this curtain. I can’t remember how to handle this.

I forget many things like this. So I reused the morphs of House of May’s curtain. And, I made a new box to hide the curtain rails.

And more, I tried to reuse the lamps from House of May. I like this tulip-shaped lamp.

House of May has an another lamp. It is an outdoor lamp. It could also be used as a room lamp.

And, this is a picture frame I made when I started Poser. I don’t like this.

I have a lot of picture frame props but decided to make one for this room.

If I make too many items, I will get tired of making textures. But I need only one more.

Next, I am going to think about how many material settings to package.

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  1. mininessie

    looks great…you do not need too much is a great package with the default ones i think!

    • elleque

      Thanks 🙂 Ideally the file should be as light as possible.

  2. I so love your room!! I am looking for a good window seat where the little windows open!! It might be in your package!!

    This is so very wonderful, Elleque!!!

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