New membership website opened.

I built a new membership website at long last.

PreT Girls T-Strap Shoes for Genesis 9 Feminine

I made the shoes for Genesis 8 Females as a Christmas freebie at DAZ3D before. These are refits of them for some Genesis 9 Feminine characters. I have…

PreT Holiday Wreath

This is a Christmas freebie at DAZ.

PreT Girls T-Strap Shoes for Genesis 8 Females

These shoes were made for a Christmas freebie at DAZ last year.

Moonlight environment map

This is an environment map that is not realistic.

The Night Boating

The night view of the sea is a very interesting theme for me. I tried to render for relaxation.

It’s unusually I made impulse buying of 3D contents.

For the last few years I have only bought what might be useful for promo images of my product or freebie.

About an issue of comments posting.

I am sorry. The website status couldn’t allow comments since this November. The issue has been fixed. Thank you very much for commenting!

This is Pranx.

Scampixie Freebie News

Worker Cap and Hair for Genesis 8 Females

This is a rough and simple hair model. Because I made this for comic renders of Poser.

Halloween Junk 2021 – Cat Stool

My La Femme freebies are featured on Poser Pulse on October 6th at Renderosity! That is an article of a cute witch’s large banner image 😀

Rotating Wall Room Add-on – Shoji Window Wall and Share CG Freebie

I completely had been neglecting to post ShareCG freebies. Here and Scampixies website and Renerosity’s Free Stuff Area and Share CG, I can’t enrich every place regularly.

Buzzed Nape Short Bob for G8F or La Femme

The other day I made eyebrows for La Femme with fine polygons. I wanted to use such things a little more.

Almost Mermaid for Genesis 8 Female

I posted a La Femme free clothing to Renderosity a few days ago.

Revision – Terrace Door Wall

I needed to make a Shoji Window. Then I noticed an error in a file of Rotating Wall Room. Terrace Door Wall did not load properly. I’m sorry!

Summer Set 2021 for Pranx 2

Scampixies freebie news

The latter part of a learning of Dynamics.

I’ve been wondering if Poser could do something like dForce for quite some time.