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Pranx is moving out.

Scampixies News


I renewed the design of this website. I am going to tidy up old contents. Then, I moved old contents to one category. They will be deleted or…

New membership website opened.

I built a new membership website at long last.

Added the RSS link of this website.

I added the RSS link of this website on the left-side-menu. I think that add-ons for browsers are easy to reading RSS feeds. If you use some browser’s…

Failures of Pranx 2’s Daz Studio version.

Product Update Info

Termination of Support.

Pranx 1 and V4 products

I changed this website

I changed this website to use the https protocol.

I wrote the Term of Use.

Some people asked me the term of use about my freebies for commercial use.

I vacation.

I leave here for a while for my vacation. To new owners of my product, a reply from me may be late a little. I am going to…

Sadie’s Hula Girl Clothes were modified

Sadie’s Hula Girl Clothes were modified for Poser8 use.

Safari Styles!

Safari Avenue for V4.2″ is a collaboration product of didda and me.We put it on sale this month.

Xmas Styles for Wintere V4

This is a set of gorgeous styles for the Wintere V4 outfit by Didda. Available now!

New textures for Front Button Dress.

Pranx 1

Teknology3d’s Pranx Fashion 1 Add-on

Pranx 1

Scampixie Pranx

Pranx 1

Big Shopping Bag

I carelessly forgot to report this.I made a big shopping bag for Poser last year.