This is a 3-bar hinge.

4-bar hinge and 5-bar hinge will be more stable.

But the making such a mechanism seems difficult. So I chose the 3-bar hinge.

Bars 1 and 2 must always form an isosceles triangle. For example, when the bar 1 increases by 30, the bar 2 becomes (-)60, and when the bar 1 increases by 60, the bar 2 becomes (-)120. The sum of the three angles is 180 degrees. So, Bar 1 and bar 2 joing with bar 3 at the same angle. The arithmetic I learned in elementary school helped me just now. But not all 3-bar hinges are. This way is easy for rigging with Poser.

This is able to fold up properly.

The status that bars have no angle.

I lined up a lot of this.

The top and bottom are paired.

Of course these are for opening and closing windows.

A bay window is. This is not very elegant. But Iā€™m generally satisfy with this.

As usual this is too big for Pranx. But may be a little small for La Femme. I tend to forget that she is about 5.9 feet tall.

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  1. mininessie

    oh! great idea!
    Well , we always can scale Pranx to use all the items comfy.^^

    • elleque

      Thank you šŸ™‚ But, this may become big more šŸ˜€

  2. I think the big window next to Pranx is just perfect, I can see him curling up in the window to star gaze or read a book. šŸ™‚

  3. Jan Freeman

    You will find a LOT of products do not include the hardware on doors and windows. Thank you so much for going to so much work!! It makes it so much more realistic!!!

    • elleque

      I’m happy you like them šŸ™‚ I like such hardwares. But they may be patented and cannot be easily imitated.

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