Do you need this?

This symbolic five-petaled flower is a wild rose. I made an object based on this sketch.

I made 4 material groups for this. Those are required in Poser. I can make such groups in Poser, but it’s easier to have it in advance.

And, I planted Dynamic hair on this. So I got a little troublesome rug. I used to hate Poser’s dynamic hair. The render time spent a lot of time with a little bit of it.

Poser’s rendering speed improves with each version upgrade. I finally started using dynamic hair from its version 11. But I don’t try to calculate the dynamics. I’m too impatient. I can’t wait for the PC to calculate the collision of hundreds of thousands of polygons.

The ideal result was a rug that was fluffy like a cloud. It’s my childhood dream item. As an adult I don’t get anything like that. Because it seems to be difficult to maintain. So I just want to get such a fluffy item in the virtual world, I don’t care if it sticks a little in the other objects. But I gave it up. It doesn’t look good if the hair penetrated the other things. Try imagine, the rug hair stuck in the soles of your character’s feet grows from the instep of her. Sometimes there is impermissible matter even for me. So I didn’t make a long-haired one.

Firefly render

This image took 2.5 minutes with Poser’s Firefly rendering on my old Mac. Superfly rendering took twice as long.

Superfly render
Superfly render
Superfly render

I still can’t handle Daz Studio’s Strand Based Hair well. I set the root of the hair thick to reduce polygons. And, I set curls and fuzzies on the hair because the hair is bald in some places. It may be the cause, some white reflective grains are scattered on the surface of the rug. It’s like a rug with white debris that hasn’t been cleaned well.

Iray render

Also, I’m not sure about the settings of Daz Studio’s Iray Blended Dual Lobe Hair Shader. I struggled to brighten it. So I may be wrong. And, though this is not very delicate hair, but it takes a long time to render. This image took 5 minutes on my Win PC which has a little better video card than my old Mac.

Iray render
Iray render

Do you need such a rag?

By the way, I made this in the latest version of Daz Studio. Do you know what version was Strand Based hair available from?

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  1. mininessie

    cute rug!
    i don´t sure about wich version made avaliable the strand hair, but i think it was in 4.12 version

    • elleque

      I think so too. Probably it was installed from 4.11, but it might be not the full version yet.

  2. So cute! I’ve been meaning to ask, did you draw your avatar? If you did, I love it. Do you post your 2d art online?

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