It’s unusually I made impulse buying of 3D contents.

For the last few years I have only bought what might be useful for promo images of my product or freebie.

I was thinking of making props like this. But, I have never collected capsule toys. I have little knowledge of them. Well, I can go to an electronics retail store and see them there. I was pondering so, but this toy machine set have been released. This set is very beautifully made. I wouldn’t have finished it so carefully if I made it.

Japanese Capsule Toy Vending Machine by GEOmetalics

dForce Cute School Uniform 01 by yashiro_amamiya
(I applied my own materials for the clothes.)

Yui Character and Hair for Genesis 8 Female by Goanna

Now I am thinking to make worthless tiny toys to put in capsules. But, please do not expect it. I am busy for my job now. If possible it will be after autumn. And, by then I may change my mind.

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  1. mininessie

    It looks good…nice image! ^^

    • elleque

      Thanks 🙂 This evokes the mind of my childhood.

  2. It’s really beautiful, I want yo buy it as soon as I can, it looks perfect for some scenes I have in mind 😀

    • elleque

      I agree. It is beautiful. These in reality are also beautiful. So people waste a lot of money for these. Most of them are useless tiny toys, though.

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