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This is Pranx.

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Summer Set 2021 for Pranx 2

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What is Fibermesh?

3d contents are getting more detailed these days. I sometimes saw hairstyles with a lot of fine plain polygons. Are they Fibermesh?

Boa Boots for Pranx 2

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How to use Daz Studio dForce Clothes with Poser as Dynamic Cloth.

Today I have a time. I tried to use Daz Studio dForce clothes with Poser 11 again.

Beautiful free Clothes for Pranx 2 by Leilana.

Pranx is a very happy character. This is an instant play with Pranx2’s new free clothes.

A new product for Pranx 2 at ShareCG

Ugly Sweater for Pranx2 (Daz Studio Version) is avaraible at ShareCG store.

Pedantic Kid 2020

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Wabisuke 2

Scampixie freebie news

Pranx 2 Wedge Sole Sandals

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A learning of Dynamics

I dislike Dynamics. It is inconvenient to a user who is a hasty person like me. I have been disappointed to see the hem of a dress was…

Good Cook Clothing Pack for Scampixie Pranx 2

Pranx and Trixie have moved to ShareCG store. And, they got new friends.

Pranx has moved!

Pranx found a new home.

Pranx is moving out.

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Updated the Winer Clothing Pack for Pranx 2

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Winter Clothing Pack for Pranx 2

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