Term of Use

Almost my freebies allow commercial use. I demand neither a credit or any fee in almost cases. Of course, I appreciate that you introduced the url of here on your project. But, don’t make a misleading entry. I am not a collaborator of the project.

  • I keep holding the copyright of my works. And, I don’t abandon its copyright even if I deleted the file from here.
  • Nobody can redistribute any files of my works.
  • I assume no responsibility for any cases even if those were caused by my files.

Case 1: Can I include your free clothing in my product?
No, you can not. It is equal to redistributing my work. Although you can sell the additional textures which you made, but you must not include any files of my work. You can notify the buyers of this website url.

Case 2: Can I sell the render images which I made?
Yes, you can. But, there is the exceptions especially about the resources which I used.

Case 3: Can I use your free clothing and props in my video game?
It is a delicate case, may be like with the case 1. But clothes and props are not major elements in games generally. Although I would like to understand it, but I can’t say definitely. Make it clear that I am completely unrelated to your business. So, I don’t declare about the approval of this case clearly. I mean, I will tolerate it even if I saw your game character wears my free clothing.

About my characters (including Pippin Basket at KCTC):
I made some stand-alone characters as freebie. You can use your render images of them as a mascot of shop or as a cast of comics. But you can not handle them as your original. I mean, no one can make a registered trademark of my work. Make it clear it is a free character by me. Please explain about my freebies and link url of here somewhere in the shop or media.

And, especially about the kids characters, don’t use them with immoral contents.

Any case has the exceptions.

There is a case that the creators of resources which I used don’t allow about commercial use. Although I will make a note on each article pages or with a readme file if it is an exception, but the resources by 3rd party are outside of my assurance. So, I may misunderstand the rights-to-use of them.

There was a case which I borrowed an existing design. I usually didn’t distribute such an item. But, sometimes I had distributed some items under certain conditions.

And, if I suffered any loss and damage, I demand prohibition of the use of the files. And I may demand that you make compensation for the damage.

The terms may be changed without notice.

Please take care not to infringe on the Rights of me and the creators, and for the all users who downloaded my freebies.

This is my hobby. I have distributed my works to share enjoyment.

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