Doll Rag

These are too large for Pranx.

I made the Firefly version too bright.

Firefly render

And this is the Iray version. This looks like a scourer.

Iray render

I made 4 material groups on this simple rug. 1 group for edging. The remaining three are for the flower colors. I filled the these colors with dynamic hair. Dynamic hairs are created as separate objects from base objects.

They look like unshaved beards in Poser’s preview window.

They can be grabbed and moved individually. I was able to limit the value of the movement of them. But I didn’t do that.

Be careful not to shift them from the base object.

But these have to do with the base object. I tried pinch the base object with a magnet.

The hair object was also transformed.

If you apply a different material, the edges of the rug must select the rug itself and the hair must select each hair object. I thought it is troublesome. I added 3 pre-colored props. Geometries are embedded in the pp2 file. So this boring prop is three times the actual file size. Daz Studio has hierarchical materials. So that file is one-third the size of the Poser version. I am not quite happy with this result. But, this time I’m not willing to learn this function anymore. It’s already summer. I don’t need fluffy things now. If you are interested, please edit this by yourself.

To edit dynamic hair in Poser, select the base rug object not the hair object and go to Hair Room.

To edit the Daz Studio version, select Strand-Based Hair under the rug on Scene tab. And select Edit > Edit Strand-Based Hair… from the small triangle menu which is on the side of Scene tab.

April 21, 2022 – Added the missing texture map.

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  1. I can color this so it looks like Sesshoumaru’s kimono flowers. Bee’s gonna love it 😀

    • elleque

      Yes, this is very similar to his kimono pattern but different. The five-petaled flower is Japanese apricots. It is a plant of the Rosaceae family. I have never seen the 6 round petals flower pattern on kimono. Family crests are often used as patterns of kimono. It is a fantasy but a historical drama, the comic author may have thought of a design that is not any existing family crests. We seem to have noticed the author’s attention to detail 😀

  2. mininessie

    another wonderful work dear!

  3. Jan Freeman

    So wonderful!!! Thank you so much!! It’s such a precious room!!

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