Doll Stand Mirror

My Doll Furniture are too big for Pranx, I used the mirror by reduced the scale to 80 percent.

Free Clothes Pranx 2 Lace Set by Leilana at ShareCG

Background Props Kids Corner (Daz Studio version) by Leilana at Renderosity Marketplace (Poser version Kids Corner)

Free Poses Some Poses for Pranx 2-Chibi by Pommerlis at Renderosity Free Stuff Area or check Pommerlis’ blog.

This time it’s a very simple prop. And this also is a legacy figure.

I was worried about what to do with the mirror material. Well, I made a dresser mirror long time ago. So I already know about Firefly materials.

Firefly render

There are no reflection nodes on Poser’s Physical surface root like Poser’s Basic root. Do I have to look for Cycles materials? How do I set a mirror’s material in Daz Studio’s Iray? Daz Uber has a sample of polished aluminum material. I referred to it. It has Metallicity set to full value. If I spread a sheet of aluminum foil without wrinkles, it will look like a mirror. Poser’s Physical surface root has Metallic node. I set it 1.

Superfly render

It was very easy!

This item is a very lightweight data as it doesn’t have any texture maps.

I didn’t intend to add more furnitures these much when I made the sofa at the beginning. I didn’t intend to add more furnitures these much. But now, I praise myself that it is a pretty good result when I put all of them on the floor.

Doll Furnitures

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  1. mininessie

    it is a very lovely set!
    you did great!

  2. Sharyn

    Thank you! It’s lovely!

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