Doll Closet

I made this as a legacy figure again. Daz Studio may warn about it in the future. But it won’t make old content unreadable, I believe it.

This has 3 colors.

Poser version and Daz Studio version may have a little different colors. Please tolerate it.

Now, it’s very sad that the closet is empty. The bigger the closet, you will feel more sadness about it. So I packed your closet with clothes. Don’t complain about the taste of those clothes.

Superfly Rneder
Iray Render

If you have materials that they can be tiled, clothes may become more realistic.

Superfly Render

Materials: Atenais’ shop at Renderosity

Iray Render

Materials: JGreenlees’ shop at DAZ

But the drawers are still empty. I told in the previous blog, what the dolls do is unpredictable. There may be cakes in it.

Cake and Donuts by MysticArtDesign at ShareCG

Or the monsters will settle down there.

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  1. Richard Owens

    Very nice, thank you for the included clothing also 🙂

    • elleque

      I’m happy that you like this 🙂 I hope this set is useful for you creation.

  2. mininessie

    ooooh! you are so generous!
    i knew it…but still i apreciate it each time, thank you so much!

    • elleque

      This time the image you showed me matched what I wanted to make. So I was able to make this without getting lost in the shape. But I forgot to make a closet lamp. I didn’t notice it because Poser’s render is bright 😛

  3. These are so cute! I really have to make some poses with Pranx and your doll furniture!

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