24 Drawers

Cute! Cute! Cute Monsters on the grid! I made this because I wanted to make this image.

Cute Monster by MysticArtDesign
Cute Monster Legs by me

Other props are paid items: i13 Trendy Coffee Shop Environment, Attic Bedroom, Classy Room Environment and Poses, Professional DSLR Camera

My friend mininessie gave me a lovely suggestion for this drawers unit, I hope I can make something like that one day. This time I tried to make a grid shelf quickly. But I thought a mere wooden frame shelf is boring. So I put drawers there. This is not elegant as doll furniture. But my sloppy nature wanted to put it together the same directory. Because I’m tired of thinking about the naming πŸ˜›

First, let me promote my product.

I made the matching materials with the sofa. They are not enough elegance and sweetness, though.

And this is an irregular material.

This may look good in my House of May. I built this house for my friend barb. Today is her birthday! πŸ˜€

This is a legacy figure. I load this from Poser and saved it again as a Daz Studio’s Scene Subset. Is DAZ no longer recommending legacy figures? I was able to make this a weight mapped figure. Daz Studio files are lighter than Poser’s, so it might have been fine. But I don’t think it’s good with Poser. The size of each ZIP file is almost the same. But, unzipping them makes a difference of 3MB. I always want to make light files especially about freebies. Doesn’t anyone of today care about the size of about 3MB?

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  1. Lovely add ons, I think House of May looks even better with it!

    • elleque

      I tend to forget about old items. This time I found out this.

  2. mininessie

    The Drawer looks great, and it is so good for House of May!!
    amazing work again dear and thanks for sharing!

    • elleque

      I’m glad to hear that. My head filled with the image you showed now πŸ˜€ But, I’m busy again.

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