Pranx 2 Wedge Sole Sandals

Making high heeled shoes of weight map figures is troublesome. But, don’t worry. I already knew that Daz Studio has a convenient option for it. I had found a tutorial movie a long time ago.

Rigging High Heeled Shoes in DAZ Studio for Genesis 3

I am not making my account of YouTube. Rude me haven’t make a comment to the movie. I appreciate it. Though I cannot hear talk of English, but this movie is very easy to understand.

This time, I tried to make Pranx 1’s sandals fit to Pranx 2. But, I failed. It may be a cause Pranx’s feet bones weren’t prepared exactly. I made the CR2 for Poser first. The bones of the toes leaned greatly toward the thumbs. They look straight in Daz Studio. But, they may have information of rotations inside. The sandals were distorted badly on Pranx’s feet.

The feet of Troglofauna’s Toon Grrl Lola are prepared exactly. When I was making her high heels the movie of the above was unnecessary. I only adjusted a little her toe’s bones of high heels.

Genesis figures have many bones of foot fingers, it is impossible to arrange them straight. But, my problem isn’t the same. I was careless after all. But, I don’t give up. I repeated “Bake Joint Rotations…”. And, I did make the sandals fit Pranx 2 at last.

The shape of the sandals is strange when they aren’t fit to the figure. When you make a rendering of only these sandals for some reasons, please apply “Sandal Feet Pose” to them.

And, I still have a problem. The horizontal line isn’t correct a little. I need more practice.

Next, I am going to make the Poser version. Poser hasn’t the option like “Bake Joint Rotations…”. I chose a way to make La Femme’s high heels. There is a tutorial movie by Renderosity. Though I changed a part of this way a little, but this movie teaches many tips of Poser rigging. I appreciate it.

Getting high heels to fit La Femme 1 for Poser 11

I uploaded these sandals to the membership website. Chibi can wear these sandals, too!

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    aww…thank you for all your wonderful work dear!

  2. That swimsuit is adorable! Love the shoes too!

    • elleque

      Thanks! I am satisfied with the design of the swimsuit and the shoes 😀

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