A learning of Dynamics

I dislike Dynamics. It is inconvenient to a user who is a hasty person like me. I have been disappointed to see the hem of a dress was crushed after I waited long time of the simulation. Though I tried the tune-up of it again and again, but I gave up it after all. I spent much useless time for it.

Several months passed since I began the sale at DAZ. Since then, I am interested in dForce clothes. It seems that dForce clothes have the condition of conforming even after the simulation of Dynamics. I can adjust figures’ pose after the simulation. It is convenient for me. I think that dForce is not perfect. Daz Studio has an option of the Smoothing Modifier in addition to dForce. The option also has a troublesome action, though. Users can select the condition of clothes, as dForce or as Conforming in any timing. It is very convenient.

I am not familiar with Dynamics. I think that almost Poser’s Dynamic clothes are props. There are also the conforming clothes which have a part of Dynamics. Probably the Dynamics in Poser is assigned per each part. It means that I can’t handle the chest and the abdomen of the clothing as one cloth. Usually I divided the clothing’s body by some parts according with figure’s parts. Then, I had one idea. This time, I tried to make a t-shirt of one part.

This T-shirt is a hip. All of the geometries of this T-shirt were assigned to a hip. And, I did the rigging of this T-shirt as a conforming clothing. After that, I chose the hip of the T-shirt in Cloth Room, and performed the cloth-ization.

Did I succeed? This is a result of 15 frames simulation. I tried to move Pranx’s left arm a little.

It failed 🙁 The sleeve of the shirt has solidified. OK, next I set the animation from a light pose, not the zero pose. That is, I aimed at the shortening of the simulation time. I did the simulation of it with 8 frames.

Oops! Regrettably the dynamic result was initialized. And, the result of it…

The sleeves are somewhat strange. I added the draping of eight frames to the simulation.

It became bad more 🙁

I corrected the setting of the neckline’s group a little. The image of the first of this screen is the final result. But, I am dissatisfied on this try.

The rigging of one part clothing was more troublesome than usual. Poser’s Cloth Room has some good options which are not in Daz Studio. But, I dislike it after all. I thought that the conforming clothes are suitable for Pranx. Otherwise, I may be not able to prepare the things of the same condition for Poser and DazStudio. But, it is hard to make a conforming skirt with Daz Studio. The differences are increasing between these two programs.

Now, I am making Wabisuke the bird 2. Old uses know it was a freebie for Scampixie members. It has no big change. I am making this as a figure of Daz Studio. That is, this becomes a weight mapped figure. I’m sorry. This doesn’t become a freebie of this blog.

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  1. Dynamics are a pain, in either program. I do like that Tee though~

    I don’t know how some users get these beautiful dynamic kimonos to simulate with the folds and whatnot. I’m trying to use a 3 piece dress by Tipol at Rendo, in Poser. It’s got a little bodysuit, a skirt and an apron. I followed the tutorials multiple times and it still fails. It’s really disappointing, especially since I bought the outfit and didn’t use a freebie. This is the outfit https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/petite-fille-modele-for-the-kids-4/111221

    • elleque

      I am not familiar about it, though… Probably a tutorial is in the Readme file. Did you read it? You may have to set up the collisions of each items.

  2. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    dynamics are tricky….Dforce is the most easy of all…but it still has some tricky things too.

    • elleque

      Dynamics complicates various things. I can’t design clothes freely 🙁

      • Inés Rodríguez Vega

        but you do it great!

        • elleque

          😀 T-shirt is an item which is easy to make. But, the dynamics made it difficult.

  3. I know that both dynamic and dforce clothing must be so hard to make!! I am so amazed with your work, however!!

    You are so very talented!!

    Hugs my friend,

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