Pranx has moved!

I moved Pranx 2 to ShareCG store. It will be 50 percent off until July 31, 2020.

Scampixie Pranx 2
Scampixie Pranx 2 at ShareCG store

I took it out from Renderosity’s marketplace at last autumn. And, I was going to move it to ShareCG store immediately. But, I had never done shopping there before. I usually hesitate to shop at unfamiliar stores. So I tried to looking for other shop of more approachable looks as stores. I thought DAZ accept my figure, and I registered as a PA of DAZ for it. But, DAZ had stopped accepting items which had been sold at other stores. Well, I was careless. I hadn’t looked at stores of 3D contents carefully for a long time. Today’s stores of 3D contents became exclusionary. I thought it is wise that I move the figure before ShareCG’s policy is changed. The system there is simple and good. You can choose your payment from PayPal or some credit cards.

DAZ and Renderosity advertise sale items actively. But, ShareCG doesn’t do it. ShareCG only lends the place. I am trying to advertise about my ShareCG gallery. I uploaded one item there several days ago.

Kitchen Cube – Refrigerator

The size of it is very small, because it is for Pranx or child characters. And, I am preparing some kitchen units for the next upload. They will be freebie, but their size is very small. They are play house toys for child characters or cartoons. They must be scaled at 180 percent or more for realistic figures. Still their look are toy like, though. I already have some realistic contents of kitchen. But, I hardly use realistic things. So I try to make them by myself. My next upload is probably an oven.

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    hi dear! happy you found a place for Pranx!
    i will try to promote the new place with some images…i hope it help!
    and thanks for all the wonderful freebies!

    • elleque

      Thanks always for everything!
      I am looking forward to seeing your new image 🙂

  2. I saw and thought at first someone else had posted him, I was about to report it and everything, haha! SO happy Pranxy is back!

  3. Also, I will advertise for you on Deviantart and Facebook!

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