Beautiful free Clothes for Pranx 2 by Leilana.

Pranx is a very happy character. This is an instant play with Pranx2’s new free clothes.

Last year Karth launched a new lovely sweater for Pranx 2 at ShareCG store. This time amazing Free clothes have appeared at ShareCG! Now I can’t play enough with these because I’m so busy for my business. But I couldn’t stand it and tried using them instantly 🙂

Pranx 2 Lace Set by Leilana
Pixie Sleepy by Leilana
Pixie Base for Pranx 2 by Leilana

Pranx 2 Lace Set and Pixie Sleepy are Daz Studio dForce clothes. And, Pixie Base includes Poser version files. This time I tried use “Chibi Legging” and “Chibi Long Dress 2” of Pixie Base.

First load Pranx 2, and add poses of “Chibi” and “Tail Hide”. Add leggings and a dresse from Props library.

Do not hide the tail to inform collision detection. Check “Collision Detective” on the property panel of the tail bones. This setting is required to exclude the tail from collision targets in “Cloth Room”. Hide the tail after the cloth simulation is end.

I prepared a pose file. Check the bottom of this page. This pose adds a checkmark for collision detection of each tail bones of Pranx 2. This pose can’t remove bones from collision settings in “Cloth Room”. Please do the work in “Cloth Room” manually.

Thighs are a little out of the dress, but I try a simulation as they are. I think the dynamic cloth simulation has improved considerably on Poser 11.

Go to 30 of the animation frame.

Add a pose to Pranx 2. I selected “Majorette Pose”.

Go to Cloth Room. Add leggings and the dress to the same Simulation.

I don’t have a skill to write enough tutorials. A good tutorial using Cloth Room of Poser can be found here;

Lesson 3: Dynamics in Poser Clothing Simulation

1 _ Click “New Simulation”

2 _ Select “ChibiLegging”. Click “Clothify…”, Click “Collide Against…” and select Pranx 2 as “Current collision object”.
And, select “ChibiLongDress2”. Click “Clothify…” again, Click “Collide Against…” and select Pranx 2 as “Current collision object”. And more, click “Add/Remove…”. Look for the dress object in the hierarchical structure and put a check mark on it. In other words, the dress must have both Pranx 2 and leggings set as the collision target.

Pranx’s tail bones(t01-t19) must be unchecked in collision settings of the Dress and Leggings.

3 _ Click “ Play Simulation”.

Leggings may be a little out of the dress.

But don’t worry. Poser has useful tools. Select the dress and create a morph target with any name.

Top Menu: Object > Create Morph Target

Set the value of the created morph target to 1.

The dress is distorted, but there is no problem. This is probably a double reflection of the cross simulation results as a morph.

Click the small triangle the right side of the morph target. And select “Edit morph…”. After the Morphing Tool palette appears, click “Zero Morph” at the bottom to reset all vertices.

Next, select the tool in “Action” on the palette and modify the dress. I used “Pull”. Touching on the dress using the tool.

It is very easy!

Poser’s morph tool allows me to use also the clothes of Daz Studio (Need export clothing objects from Daz Studio, and have to reattach the material by myself.). I will write this procedure someday.

Pixie Sleepy by Leilana with Poser 11

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  1. Thank you for this! 🙂 I LOVE the new sets!!

  2. mininessie

    The clothes are lovely, and thank you for the tips!

    • elleque

      I will write more procedure someday. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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