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This is a carpet

This is just a plane object. But, this has 6 bones.

This is a 3-bar hinge.

4-bar hinge and 5-bar hinge will be more stable.

Doll Rag

These are too large for Pranx.

Do you need this?

I drew this.

Doll Stand Mirror

My Doll Furniture are too big for Pranx, I used the mirror by reduced the scale to 80 percent.

Doll Closet

Monsters live in the empty space of the closet!

Fixed the closet size

The closet was too tall. I reduced the size of the closet after all.

Making a large item.

It is midnight now rather near dawn. I’m staying up late.

Doll Side Table

I see the legs of this table somewhat voluptuous, or look like octopus’.

24 Drawers

Cute! Cute! Cute Monsters on the grid! I made this because I wanted to make this image.

Making additional Doll Furnitures.

I was going to add a side table to my doll furnitures. But, the Cabriole leg table looks unsteady to me. I sought other items.

Open Toe Rubber Shoes for Boo

I’m not going to update all my products for supporting Boo.

My Product Updata – Boo Morph Only

I made Bugga Boo morphs for my two hairstyles.

Doll Sofa

Do not stand on the sofa with your shoes on.

Boa Boots for Pranx 2

Scampixie freebie news

How to use Daz Studio dForce Clothes with Poser as Dynamic Cloth.

Today I have a time. I tried to use Daz Studio dForce clothes with Poser 11 again.