Rotating Wall Room Add-on – Shoji Window Wall and Share CG Freebie

I completely had been neglecting to post ShareCG freebies. Here and Scampixies website and Renerosity’s Free Stuff Area and Share CG, I can’t enrich every place regularly.

The main purpose of distributing freebies is calling people to here. Here I am free to revise the data and description. But many people visited here several years ago, but nowadays people seem to be completely unaware about here. It’s probably because I don’t publish the images on this blog to search engines. Oh well, I will continue as this is. I’m worried that search engines will keep my old images forever.

First of all, let me promote my new product.

Look at the small stool which Zale sits in this eleventh pop-up image.

Look at the small stool which Zale sits in this eleventh pop-up image. I again needed a chair-like thing and made it. I have a lot of props, but none of them suit a mood I want. I uploaded this to ShareCG.

Natural Wooden Table Set by me at Share CG

Now, this is a wall which has two windows of “Shoji” that I mentioned in the previous article. The front of this wall is where you can see the wooden lattice called “Kumiko”.

A paper sheet is sticked on this window frame from the back side.

It is a paper window, it is not suitable for the exterior as it is. The front side of this window faces a room, and there is usually a corridor in front of the back side. Or it may also have double window with glass. In Japan Shoji is a kind of interior.

I heard that the opposite may be true in China. It seems that this may be used for an exterior depending on the architectural styles. Papers were valuable materials to old-time people. Paper doors and windows should have been a luxury item. Now that is probably about to be forgotten. The number of houses without “Shoji” and “Fusuma” has increased.

I want “Tatami (mats made of straw)”. I have to take a photo. So I have no plans to make it for the time being.

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  1. mininessie

    I love your new product!
    and the add to the room and cute furniture…thank you very much for all! ^^

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