Tried rendering of Baby Luna.

Poser 11 contained Baby Luna as a bonus content.

I don’t like the realistic figures of babies, cats and dogs. I think they look like stuffed specimens. Well, I think that Luna is the cutest figure in the existing baby figures.

I noticed Luna’s materials weren’t for Superfly. Then I tried to use wonderful EZSkin3. But, I couldn’t get the good result. Probably it is a cause of my poor lighting skill. But, almost things got the good result with the Bright light of Poser 11. So, I decided to adjust her skin to suit for the lighting. And, I tried to make her wear Leilana’s K4-Nostalgic.

Superfly render

The front of the dress was destroyed. The high light has yellowed and it is dark a little. I retouched this image by Photoshop.

I wasn’t able to get the best result by only rendering after all. phew…

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  1. That’s just precious!

  2. Pommerlis

    That looks just to cute. I prefer Baby Luna & the character JoJo for her.

  3. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    a great work here…love it!

  4. This is so very precious!! I have not played with Baby Luna, however I have purchased several outfits for her.

    I am hoping to learn to transfer dynamic Poser clothes to Dforce Daz Studio clothes.

    I love the babies I can create with Genesis 8 Female! However, I am waiting on a sale to purchase dForce Flower Set Outfit for Caryn 8. I don’t even know if it will work on the babies I make 🙁

    • elleque

      I bought Caryn and her character Ella at the sale of the previous month. But, I still don’t know about dForce clothes well. The Flower Set looks nice 🙂

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