School Bag for Pranx 2

I was not able to upload this easily because I was busy. This is a smart prop for Pranx users. Check my membership website please 🙂

I want to make the refits of Sadie’s Good-Cook-Girl for Pranx 2. Then I must rebuild the materials of my kitchen utensils. I must make them into the version of both Poser 11 and Daz Studio 4.10. And, I have many thing which I want to do except for Pranx’s items. But, I feel fatigue now. My surroundings don’t yet settle down for a while. I haven’t enough energy for my desire. Please wait at leisure.

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    please ,take care!

  2. Thank you, I’m very excited to see what you make, but your health is more important, please take it easy.

    • elleque

      Thanks 🙂 Though I think I did take enough rest, but I can’t still relieve fatigue. It may be because of age.

      • You’re welcome. It could be age, it sure happens to me!

        • elleque

          Yes, such a matter will happen also to you. But, it is a far future 😀

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