Asian Luxuries W.I.P. 3

My Rattan Chair got 20 comments at Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area 😀
My props had never got such number of comments.

Though my eyes are heavy as ever, but I want to complete the next item early. The Room Screen will be the Posable props.

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  1. So pretty!!

    • elleque

      But many people seem to like my Rattan Chair than my Table and this. I wonder why people like a chair 😕

  2. Dani

    I don’t know why they like it better…I like your clothes, hair and shoes best. LOL

  3. I think it’s because its hard to find a nice chair like that without spending too much. The last furniture I bought was horribly done and costed way too much. 🙁 When that happens, I don’t care if its a freebie or not, if the quality stinks it makes me unhappy. Maybe that’s why? I’ll spread the word on this, like I do most of the time. 🙂

  4. Dani

    I have to agree with Mel that people notice the quality of meshes. Your items are very well made, plus you make such pretty textures for them…and that is very much appreciated!! So often it is something that I find whilst browsing the free things or store that inspires a picture in my head. *smile*

    • elleque

      I always made a thing which I like. You got inspiration in a thing which I like, and made an image. And I increase subject of my interest by seeing the image.

      I found an image in bjavor’s Gallery at Renderosity. Now I am fascinated by that elegant pose.
      So, Dani’s image always gave my brain a bombardment LOL
      Though I hit on nothing, yet. But such my interest may appear in unexpected item suddenly. And, it is unpredictable even by me what I am fascinated by as well as such the ingenious images.

      After all, I can make only a thing which I am interested in. And, I hope that is a thing liked by many people if it is possible. It will raise the probability that I can see its Render. Thus I want to know why people like especially a chair. I hope that reason matches my taste. But it is a mystery for the moment.

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