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The House of May

I verified this set worked in Poser6 and DAZStudio2 on the old WindowsOS. But a set of lights which I made was bad for them. And the render…

Building a house 4

Today, I uploaded an image to my gallery at Renderosity. it’s for my friend.

Building a house 3

Made more props, Simple Table, Small Drawers and Tulip Light.I like Tulips.

Building a house 2

I was shopping at InkyDeals‘ shop recently. I have got many nice textures and illustrations there. That made me start this work.

Building a house

It is a long time since I made my latest figure. My computer has got old. It doesn’t cope with a latest Poser.

The room prop W.I.P.

Now I am trying to make a simple stage setting. I haven’t made a big prop yet, like a room.

Pippin’s Tiny Table – Dining Set

This is a set of tiny dining table and chairs for Pippin.

Tiny Dining table and chairs W.I.P. 2

I wanted retro appearance for the dining sets. I needed a texture of fringe.

Tiny Dining table and chairs W.I.P.

I was thinking about a design of the dining table and chairs.

Kiddy Couch

I am sorry. I have not time to make a freebie of Pranx for the Christmas. I prepared a simple thing.  Mostly such a thing doesn’t take effort…

Asian Luxuries W.I.P. 3

My Rattan Chair got 20 comments at Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area 😀 My props had never got such number of comments.

Asian Luxuries W.I.P. 2

My new chair got 11 comments in a day at Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area. Even my V4 clothes didn’t get such the number of comments in a short…

Asian Luxuries W.I.P.

I am still in the middle of the making of Pranx Pixy. But I fall into my bad habit again. I want to make a chair so badly.

Game Aficionad – Mini Bar Cabinet

I was very busy on my job in the end of the year. I intended to upload this by the Christmas days. The files were completed, but I…

Game Aficionado – Mini Bar Stand

This is a small bar stand for your personal room.This has a small sink. Will the props which I made be individual a little?


I tried to search the cocktail shaker props. But I couldn’t find them. Then, I tried to make the props.