M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P.

I was working on the last item (Room Screen) of my Asian Luxuries series. But I am not still finishing it completely. Muggy summer stopped my thinking.

I have begun to think about the Summer Clothes for a man. I think that a businessman is unhappy in the summer. The wearing a tie in such a season would be quite impossible for the nature of me.

It is M3. I don’t like M4 clothes because M4 has too many Morphs.

And I regretted it. Because the joints of M3 are complex.

But I would regret in any case. The menswear is not an interesting work very much to me. The textures of it which I make are apt to be subdued colors. I don’t like a style of a man in a shirt of the cute floral patterns. Well, I purchased the resources of the plaid patterns the other day. They may be suitable for this clothing.

The problems of the joints aren’t still got rid of. I am always troubled on the making of the clothes by a female figure’s large breasts. As for M3, his crotch protrudes from the clothes… phew 🙁

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  1. Great styling ! I love your creation. Nice one.

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