I got the bunny!

I completed most of my room project. So I decided to reward me.

Pufflet The Bunny by Hypertaf

Very tiny, about the size of a sponge for washing dishes.

This kid is Sponge. Is that mean, his another name is Bob? Square pants!

Managed to wear the snail costume.

I renewed the picture frame which I made. I want a fine painting to decorate the room of my current project with it.

I bought this long ago.

The Air 1 from The Photo Bundle

The Photo Bundle
Sorry, this is no longer sold at this shop. The license content is different, but this is now here; Madebyvadim’s shop

I think maybe this is somewhere in Russia. Included some familiar Moscow buildings. Not all packaged photos may be from that country, though. I had no plans to use these photos for any projects. I bought it for appreciating. But I will use only one photo this time. However, it needs to be processed so that the original cannot be extracted. I decided to try Filter Forge.

Filter Forge tutorial : Watercolor Painting

I’m still new to working with this program. The result was still close to the original. Then I processed it once more with a Photoshop filter I already have.

I have often used Photoshop filters to process photos like paintings. It’s the first time I’ve had such a beautiful result. I usually used filters to cheat what are bad as photos, but beautiful photos are beautiful even if they were retouched. Well, beautiful photos do not need to be retouched. This time I need it to distribute my 3D work.

The default materials for this room are almost all white color. Adding color to the diffuse will change the looks. I also prepared shaders that make the floor wooden flooring. They could also be used on walls and the picture frame.

I still have to make some sample images. I hope I distribute these by this weekend. But I may notice minor mistakes while creating the sample images.

Pranx and the bunny started a preview of their new home.

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  1. So very sweet!! I do not have the bunny, yet, but hope to get soon!!

    Your work is so very good!!

    • elleque

      Yes, so sweet! She is too tiny and easy to render.

  2. mininessie

    aww…the bunny looks as a great companion for Pranx! ^^
    The painting is really nice…you did a wonderful work with the whole room!

    • elleque

      Yes, it’s made from a great photo. Really nice!

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