The skirt for Lola W.I.P.

I made some clothes for Toon Grrl Lola. There is still a indispensable item for the action actress. It’s a mini skirt!

I was going to make a micro-mini skirt with a belt. But, I gave this up.

Former design of Lola’s skirt

The making of clothes for Aiko 3 or Victoria 4 had a troublesome matter to their breasts. They were going to break out of the clothes no matter what. It turned my stomach sometimes.

It seems that the buttocks of Present-day figures are very dynamic. These of Lola and LaFemme often break out of the clothes.

The buttock trouble of Femme

The former design of the mini skirt wasn’t suitable to put such lively buttocks into the clothes. The eyelets of the belt squashed extremely when she bend her waist. More loose clothes may have not a problem. Then, I thought of the loose design of the skirt.

I decided to make a flared skirt. I added the cloth which covers her chest. And, I clipped the chest cloth. The clip is the same design as the metal fittings of high-heeled shoes which I made.

I was satisfied with this result. And, I thought more. It may be more good that the dress has an option to separate the top and bottom. I divided the material group of the dress by top and bottom, and added a morph to adjust the waist. It will be a skirt when the top is hidden.

I have to make the textures further for this dress. But, I am not able to make it now. Photoshop brings a terrible heat to PC. I don’t want to use Photoshop in the muggy season. So, I can’t release this yet.

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  1. Ines Rodriguez Vega

    amazing work!

  2. Wow, that second style is really good, what a neat idea!

    Photoshop and my Kyoudai don’t like eachother in the heat, either, I always worry about using it or rendering with my settings up too high in the summer.

  3. Oops, Kyoudai is my computer. ^^; I named it that after my little family.

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