These shoes will work with Poser 11 or Daz Studio 4.10.

I made the Daz Studo version of these shoes with Daz Studio version 4.9. But, I call the items for version 4.10 formality. Because DAZ3D doesn’t recommend to use the old program. And, Pranx 2 is a figure tested with the version 4.10 (actually version 4.11 public beta).

The Poser version will work with the version 9 or 10. But, the old programs will warn “this is a new version’s item”.

Superfly Render
Iray Render

4 thoughts on “Summer Casual Deck Shoes for Scampixie Pranx 2”

  1. Ahhh I hoped you’d do them for Pranx 2!! SO cute, I love them, thank you!

    I also love the rubber shoes for Pranx 1. I forgot to say something. sorry about that!

  2. Thank you 😀
    I am going to make the refits of my some old items for Pranx 2.

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