It is rainy.

Though I can’t be glad because it is an influence of a typhoon, today is cool a little. It is a good day for thinking about something.

It seems that many users of Pranx went away somewhere. The number of downloads of Pranx 2โ€™s Chibi Pose doesn’t yet reach even a hundred. But, new users of Pranx increased.

I was considering reconstruction about a web space of my new freebie. The old web space is still open. I am going to close that by the end of this month. The space uses the old system. It can’t work under the latest server script. It isn’t good because of a security.

I am going to make the new freebies for Pranx 2 as much as possible in this month. And, I will learn about a new website for my customers from next month. And, I may delete some of my old works. Or may remodel them. My runtime has become like a garbage dump. Probably things required for me are only Toons and Lisa’s Botanicals. I should tidy up the unnecessary things before my Mac blows out.

So, today I increased the contents in my runtime incorrigibly. I got a new thing. It’s Pranxโ€™s new costume.

Lisa’s Botanicals are sale by 5 dollars now. But, I bought up almost them when they were DAZ Platinum items. I don’t remember what I forgot to buy. I need to tidy up my runtime after all.

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  1. That’s so cute! I hope you don’t have a typhoon!

    • elleque

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ The typhoon did not reach my place.

  2. Ines Rodriguez Vega

    i love the chibi…so cute image here!

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