Deck Shoes for Lola and Lalo

I uploaded a new item for Lalo into Renderosity’s free stuff area.
Check my freebie page;

These shoes are refit of M4 Deck Shoes which I made. Other materials for my Deck shoes will be available to these shoes. But, they are 3Delight materials.

I am going to remake their Iray version, and will make the refit for Pranx 2 and Dawn. Although I would like to make a refit for Femme, but her feet are troublesome. The shoe lace is on her metatarsals. I may not be able to make it smooth.

And, my works are always slow. I may stop many works until autumn. The sultry season has already come.

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  1. Ines Rodriguez Vega

    thank you so much again!

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