The Easter of a This Year is in April. Disney-land in Tokyo is advertizing the Easter festival to us at this season. It is so lovely. It is held for about two months…Is it a long festival so much?

It may be indiscreet, but people tend to adopt a pleasant event regardless of faith religion. Although Easter is less familiar to us yet, but the people will memorize it as a festival of Spring soon.


Cradle Prop: Cradle for Pippin by Free Fashion at Renderosity Free Stuff Area


I wanted to buy such a toy for my little niece, but I missed the chance to do it.

Now she is absorbed in reading a picture-book. I gifted a picture-book to her at Christmas of the last year. It seems that she was very pleased with it.

A gift which pleases a person is not always the same as a beautiful thing for me. Almost all the freebies from me are not a requested thing by somebody. Thus I greatly appreciate your comment for such a thing. And Thank you for making a rendered image 🙂

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