What do you need except a rabbit and the colorful eggs?

Although Easter is meaningless for me because I’m not a christian, but it is good that people enjoy a festival. I would also like to join to the pleasure.

I tried to make something. It is only a rabbit and an egg which I think of as that relevance.

An egg prop, a rabbit-suit for a child, a stuffed animal of a rabbit… I already made them.

I decided to make a toy after a lot of thought.

I don’t know whether the balance of this will be realized. But the weight of each ornament will make the fact ambiguous.

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  1. Alisa

    oh, that is so sweet!!

  2. Sharyn

    It’s adorable!

  3. Dani

    So cute and perfect for Pippin!

    • elleque

      Sharyn and Dani, Thank you for commenting 🙂 I am glad to hear it.

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