Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P. 2

I felt a little thing insufficient. And I made the new smart props.

Her fashion is perfect now, isn’t it? 😀

Image DFS WIP2

This pattern of stole may be too childish.

I watched the movies by DAZ Prod at YouTube to learn the modify method of the Morphs with DAZStudio. The body morphs of DAZStudio version have been improved a little.

Image DFS DSMorphs Fix

I still don’t understand about the joints. I moved all surfaces of the Thigh to the Shin. But those surfaces still bend with Dawn’s thigh. It is strange that the thigh of this design boots is bending. I think probably this will be a work of the weight-maps.

Image DFS DS Joint

The following image is the thing of Poser version;

Image DFS Joint Poser

I probably have to watch more movies by DAZ Prod.

The Poser version of this set has many problems on the joints. I give up about them this time. I am not going to purchase PoserPro, yet.


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  1. Alisa

    Well, you are learning 🙂 Wish I could help…

    • elleque

      Alisa, Thanks 🙂 The DAZStudio version may improve if I learn more. But the work of Poser version is limited in Poser9.

  2. mininessie

    now looks perfect! 😀

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