Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P. 3

I modified the weight-map of Boots’ cuff with difficulty.

This is the DAZStudio version.

Image DSF WIP3 DS render

I don’t know why the morphs which I made are not displayed on “Shaping” panel of DAZStudio. They are displayed on “Parameters” panel.

The shirt has two Morphs; “Button” and “Unbutton”. Pants have one Morph; “HemWide”.

Image DSF WIP3 Shirt Morphs

Image DSF WIP3 Pants Morph

The Stole and the Belt are props. They have not any morphs. They will need some adjustments for Dawn’s pose. But I am thinking that some morphs may be needed for the Stole.

I made 4 sets of textures. This is a Poser render.

Image DSF WIP3 Poser renderThe texture of the bottom-line of the shirt is distorted.

Image DSF WIP3 UV map error

I failed in the making of its UV map. I’m sorry, I will not modify it. Because it means remaking all morphs.

Probably, I will be able to upload this set after making the MATs for DAZStudio 😀


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  1. mininessie

    amazing work!!!!

  2. Alisa

    Oh, it is lovely!!

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