How much did you get hold of Pippin’s item?

There are already many items for Pippin now.

I must not miss to take them.

Probably, I have to make a list of them…
How much did you get hold of it?

KCTC Freebies

  • Pippin Basket
  • Pippin Basket MAT and Poses Expansion by Didda
  • Pippin Dreamy Eyes by Mininessie
  • Pippin’s Walker by Lully
  • Pippin Bathtub by Mininessie
  • Cave Baby Hairdo for Pippin by Mininessie
  • Pants and T-Shirts for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Pants for Big Boots for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Baseball Cap and Sneakers for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Pippin fit for Gosha’s Steam Cupid Head Gear by Tiggersprings
  • Bonnet for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Pippin Basket Back in Time by Toyyaris
  • Little Apprentice for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Pippin Fairy by Trumarcar
  • Oomie for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Appie for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Little Dress for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Wings, Tree & Lampion for Pippin by Trumarcar and Toyyaris
  • Elf Boots for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Textures for Sanbie’s TC28 by Toyyaris (with the dress by Sanbie)
  • Flower Hat for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Phineas Junior for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Pippin for Halloween by Trumarcar
  • Fireflightt’s Pippin Head Morphs INJ & REM by Contajen and AlisaUhLisa
  • Little Cupid for Pippin by Toyyaris and Trumarcar
  • Layered Hair for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Witch Hair for Pippin by Trumarcar
  • Wichy for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Mushroom Kid for Pippin by Toyyaris
  • Pippin Clown by Trumarcar
  • Christmas Cuties – Chris and Christa by Toyyaris Designs
  • Easter bunnie for Pippin by Toyyaris Designs
  • Summer Bush for Pippin Basket by Toyyaris Designs
  • Pippin Winter Cutie Kiddies by Torryaris Designs

Trumarcar’s Tresure Chest

  • Pippin Frillies
  • Overalls for Pippin
  • Coat for Pippin
  • Flap Hat and Mittens
  • Puffy Jacket
  • Romper and Cap for Pippin
  • Pippin Dances
  • More Pippin Eyes

Pokeydots (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Pippin Big Bow
  • Pippin Conforming Shoes
  • Pippin Leg Warmers
  • Pippin Skirt and Top
  • Pippin Swimwear
  • Pippin Tutu and Slippers

Marianne_Designs (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Twinkle
  • Fashion for Pippin Swim
  • Lovely Frillys
  • Pretty Overalls
  • Cool Pants

Free Fashion (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Cradle for Pippin

Leilana (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Pippin Easter Bunny
  • Pippina Bundle
  • Pippina Dynamic

Monkeycloud (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • MonkeyCloud Rocket Bairn

 Fireflightt (Share CG)

  • Pippin Anime Mats
  • Pippin Skin Basics02
  • Pippin Basic Skin Mats 1
  • Pippin DS Poses
  • Pippin Dancing aniBlocks
  • Pippin Head Morphs
  • Pippin Dance Moves
  • Pippin Feeding Time
  • Pippin Pool Set
  • Pippin Baby Moves
  • Pippin Poses

Darkangel75 (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Pippin_Emma

Rehder (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Trollgirl Malu for Pippin with tail and hair
  • Pippin Boat

mmalbert (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Tulip Hat Xtas (Fit-poses and MATs for “Tulip Hat with Hair V4 by 3574”)
  • Send in the Clowns for Pippin
  • Clowning Around for Pippin
  • Pippin Halloween Poses

tiggersprings (Renderosity Free Stuff Area)

  • Pippin Cutie Pie Cap Fit

Toyyaris Designs

  • Pippin Hallow for Pippin Basket (in the halloween3 category)
  • Chirstmas Elf
  • Child of Love for Pippin
  • Mardi Grass for Pippin

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  1. I have all of these in my runtime ^^

    • elleque

      Glad to hear that 🙂
      I began to get used to my new computer.

  2. Dani

    Me, too. *smile*

    Don’t know if you have seen this thread but @Renderosity, Monkeycloud is making Pippin into a space baby. *smile* Everyone loves her.

    • elleque

      Oh 😮 I didn’t know that thread, and I don’t understand well what they are talking about. About animating with Poser?
      Monkeycloud’s space-suit looks superb 😀 I wish that he/she make it a Poser freebie.

  3. Dani

    Your wish is coming true…he is working on rigging it for Poser. I wonder if he (I think he’s a he) reads your website. I already have an image with his Pippin Rocket Bairn and marco.dd’s Fairy Alien dancing in my head. *smile*

    You can animate with Poser and if you look at the links thinkcooper attached to his posts (RWBY White Trailer is one) in this thread you will see some nice animations…my teenaged twin sons loved them.

    • elleque

      Oh, Great 😮
      And I watched the animation of the link now. I don’t know whether making an animation with Poser’s cartoon rendering brings a good result. Because I have not made an animation at all.

  4. mininessie

    yes we all love her ^^
    you did a precious baby and is a pleasure to make things for her and render images!!! 😀

    • elleque

      Thanks, mininessie:)
      I added MonkeyCloud’s Rocket Bairm. Although he seems to make more item of the series.

  5. Alisa

    I have them all 🙂

    There are also the ones from Fireflightt

    • elleque

      Wow! Thanks! I will get those items later on 🙂

    • elleque

      Added Firefightt’s freebies 🙂

      • elleque

        “Little Apprentice for Pippin” by Toyyaris was added in KCTC 🙂

        • elleque

          New items, “Pippin Fairy” and “Oomie for Pippin” were added in KCTC 😀

          • elleque

            A new work of Trumarcar, “Romper and Cap for Pippin” was added in her homepage 🙂

  6. It came up around the same time like Pippin, and although it probably was not made for Pippin alone, it is quite useful for all babies, I think:

    • elleque

      Yes, it is useful. Thanks for the info 🙂
      But I add an item which is only for Pippin into my list. Because it will be hard to list all baby’s item around the world 😀

      • elleque

        A new fashion for Pippin. Trumarcar added “Pippin Daces” in her homepage 😀

        • elleque

          I found a new character “Pippin_Emma by Darkangel75” for Pippin at the Rederosity’s free stuff area.

          • elleque

            “Appie for Pippin by Toyyaris Designs” was added in KCTC 😀

          • elleque

            Trumarcar’s new work! “Little Dress for Pipin” was uploaded on KCTC 😀

          • elleque

            “More Pippin Eyes” was added in Trumarcar’s Treasure Chest 😀

          • elleque

            New items were added in KCTC! “Wings, Tree & Lampion for Pippin” and “Tree & Lampion” by Trumarcar and Toyyaris 😀

          • elleque

            Very Cute Boots! Trumarcar’s new work was added in KCTC. “Elf Boots for Pippin” 😀

    • elleque

      Mel, Thanks 😀
      But, I do not create an account of a new community for some reason. Thus I couldn’t read the content of that url.
      I saw Sanbie’s freebie room. But It was not there, yet.

      • elleque

        New clothing is available at KCTC! “Textures for Sanbie’s TC28” by Toyyaris. The zip file includes Sanbie’s TC28 dress 😀

        • elleque

          New KCTC freebie for Pippin. Lovely Hat 🙂
          “Flower Hat for Pippin” by Trumarcar, and “Phineas Junior” for Pippin by Toyyaris.

    • elleque

      Mel, I have found it today on KCTC! 😀

  7. Okay I’m sory about that. I’m glad you were able to get the outfit! 🙂

  8. I’m making textures, I’ll share them with you when I’m done 🙂

    • elleque

      Wow! I can’t wait to see it 😀 Pippin has a rich wardrobe!

      • elleque

        I found a new character for Pippin at Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area. Rehder’s Malu. Cute set 😀

        • elleque

          I found the fit-pose of a hat prop for Pippin by mmalbert. It is in Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area. The url of “Tulip Hat with Hair (V4) by 3574” is in the readme file.

          • elleque

            Rehder uploaded a boat for Pippin in Free Stuff Area 😀 Very beautiful!

          • elleque

            mmalbert uploaded a package of Cute Clowns for Pippin in Renderosity Free Stuff Area 🙂

          • elleque

            I found more items for Pippin at Renderosity Free Stuff Area. mmalbert’s Clowning textures for Pippin Clothes. And Cutie Pie Cap Fit by tiggersprings 🙂 They are very lovely!

          • elleque

            Awesome Cuties! New freebie by Trumarcar; Pippin for Halloween is available now at KCTC 😀

          • elleque

            Wow 😯 Five items for Pippin were added at KCTC!
            Fireflightt’s Pippin Head Morphs INJ & REM by Contajen and AlisaUhLisa,
            Little Cupid for Pippin by Toyyaris and Trumarcar,
            Layered Hair for Pippin by Trumarcar,
            Witch Hair for Pippin by Trumarcar,
            Wichy for Pippin by Toyyaris
            My runtime is full of Pippin’s items 😀

          • elleque

            It is a lovely sprite, “Mushroom Kid for Pippin” by Toyyaris was uploaded on KCTC 😀
            And “Elf Boots” and “Little Cupid” were updated.

          • elleque

            The wonderful clothes for a Pippin were uploaded on KCTC. “Pippin Clown” by Trumarcar. It is perfect to a Party Time 😀

  9. elleque

    The cute elves for Pippin were uploaded on KCTC 😀 Christmas Cuties – Chris and Christa by Toyyaris. Thank you!

  10. elleque

    Toyyaris Designs created a cute rabbit of chocolate brown, Easter bunnie for Pippin 🙂

    • elleque

      I was late. Toyyaris Designs uploaded the new items for Summer at KCTC. Summer Bush 1 & 2 by Toyyaris Designs, those are in Page 8 of Pippin Basket category 🙂

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