I tried to get the better texture of the rattan. I hoped that I get a good material from a small basket. Muggy Summer exhausted me to going to a shopping.

This room screen’s texture is my freehand painting.

I go on a small trip to the hotter area on the next weekend. Perhaps I will spend almost time in a building where air conditioning is working, and will be drinking cooled beer.

You will like these, too; V4-The Modesty Screen~for shirley56

15 thoughts on “Asian Luxuries Room Screen”

  1. This is a wonderful furniture set. Perfect for this summer season. thank you for this gift

  2. Finally got a chance to make something with this set…thank you so much!!!

  3. jammixx, it is my pleasure! Enjoy!
    Dani, my thanks were late because of a little trip of weekend. I watched your gallery image now! Very Fantastic! Thank you very much 😀 😀 😀

  4. I just looked your Asian set over (chair, table, screen) and am very impressed with your texturing skills. Excellent work. I also texture and have sold numerous models (past, haven’t done it lately) but do not create the models themselves. Again, kudos on some VERY nice work.

  5. Lost my old changing screen when I ported my library to my new HDD. Happy to find a nicer freebie than my old pay one 😀


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