M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P. 4

I wonder how many person is interested in my work when I upload a 3D model which has no texture. I know that there are few such people.

The dial of the date seems to have been small. Oh well, I no longer don’t care it.

I still have many works. I must make the MATs for DAZStudio. And I must modify the Morphs of Clothes.
But I am very tired now.

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  1. amazing details!

  2. Please rest more !

    It’s all right if the model has no texture. However, a texture can help make it look more interesting, and bring out your design better.

    From what you have shown us so far, your male clothing items are really cool.

  3. Dani

    I think it looks very nice…you do such beautiful, detailed work.

    • elleque

      Everybody, Thank you 😀 I am regaining a motivation again.
      But muggy days still continue…
      I am worn out every day at the daytime. The air conditioner isn’t working at all because the office where I am spending most time is very old.

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