Sam’s Easy SK8 Protector

Updated July 24, 2011
This is a set of skateboard gear for 3D Universe Sam.
Tested with Poser 6 and DAZ Studio on MacOSX and WindowsVista.

Sorry, the gloves don’t fit well on the movement of Sam’s hands.
And these shoes are Headkase’s Sensible Shoes 2.0.

Headkase’s Renderosity homepage: Renderosity
Headkase’s ShareCG homepage: ShareCG

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  1. Just found your site, very cute things here. I would like to know your TOUs for your free items. Please email me as I would like to be proper in the use if they are for personal or commercial use. Thank you in advance :)..Keep up the great work..xoxo K

    • elleque

      Thanks for an interest in my freebies, and nice comment. 🙂

  2. SmileyWitchFaerie

    Thank you , Sam needs all the support he can get and coming from you even better , Pay or free I’ll glady get them. lol

    • elleque

      Support protectors are needed for sport. These were necessarily made 🙂

  3. Gisela

    Thank you!

    • elleque

      Oh boy, I forgot to inform you of this.
      Thanks for downloading 🙂

  4. nathan

    Hmm .. I find that the elbow pads and knee pads don’t conform properly.

  5. nathan

    OK, it seems if you do “restore figure” on them first, then they do conform properly. (Poser 8)

    • elleque

      I didn’t have Poser8 when I made those items. They weren’t tested in Poser8.
      Thank you for reporting it.

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