Updated July 24, 2011
This is a set of skateboard gear for 3D Universe Sam.
Tested with Poser 6 and DAZ Studio on MacOSX and WindowsVista.

Sorry, the gloves don’t fit well on the movement of Sam’s hands.
And these shoes are Headkase’s Sensible Shoes 2.0.

Headkase’s Renderosity homepage: Renderosity
Headkase’s ShareCG homepage: ShareCG

9 thoughts on “Sam’s Easy SK8 Protector”

  1. Just found your site, very cute things here. I would like to know your TOUs for your free items. Please email me as I would like to be proper in the use if they are for personal or commercial use. Thank you in advance :)..Keep up the great work..xoxo K

  2. Thank you , Sam needs all the support he can get and coming from you even better , Pay or free I’ll glady get them. lol

  3. Support protectors are needed for sport. These were necessarily made 🙂

  4. OK, it seems if you do “restore figure” on them first, then they do conform properly. (Poser 8)

  5. I didn’t have Poser8 when I made those items. They weren’t tested in Poser8.
    Thank you for reporting it.

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