Almost Mermaid for Genesis 8 Female

I posted a La Femme free clothing to Renderosity a few days ago.

Almost Mermaid for La Femme

So I was asked for a G8F version of it. I hardly respond to requests. But this time, I thought it may be easy because I had already made G8F tights. I thought I would just put big frills on the hem of the tights. Well, this was quite troublesome as usual. And, this is not a refit of the La Femme version. So, both are incompatible.

Character: Lara for Genesis 8 Female by Thorne
Hairstyle: Summer Sidetail Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s) by goldtassel
Lightings: Biscuits HDR Studio Lighting and Backgrounds by Biscuits

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  1. James

    Thank you very much! Looks great!

  2. mininessie

    oh! thank you very much! love it!! ^^

  3. Yay!!! I just found out about this!!! Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much!!

    Love to you, my friend!!!

    • elleque

      I’m happy to hear that 😀 Your sister I saw on YouTube is more gorgeous!

  4. Lonnie Bullington

    Oh so glad you made the G8F version. Love mermaids and these pants are just wonderful. Thank you very much!

    • elleque

      Thank you for commenting 🙂 It is difficult to make the same item because the body shape is completely different between Poser figures and G8F. This time I had already made G8F tights so it was a little easier than making them from scratch.

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