Pavement Cafe Props – Cafe Table & Cafe Chair

I was looking for a chair to make promo images for my sales item. There will be a suitable chair prop in my huge runtime.

If you don’t want to read my tedious talk, here is the link;

Pavement Cafe Props – Cafe Table & Cafe Chair

I have purchased many contents until now. This time I need a chair which is used in the open air. I remembered that I have Powerage’s Chair Factory. The package includes some outdoor chairs. I thought that I will not be troubled by chairs any more if I got this package.

They look lovely, and such simple designs are useful. But, this time I need a little bit fancy design.

Finally I found only one that fits my desire.

These are props contained in a large building figure. So they are low polygonal models, but elaborated designs. The chair and the round table become smooth by adding subdivision surfaces (SubD of Daz Studio). But, it wasn’t good for the square table. I wasn’t able to find a better item except these furnitures, and I used them this time.

Though I have many contents, but it still isn’t enough in some cases. So I tried to make designs of furnitures for a pavement cafe.

What do you call furnitures which have curved patterns of iron wires? I found “Wrought Chairs”. There is a question, aren’t sculptured chairs wrought chairs? I consulted a dictionary. The wrought iron is a material of iron wires. I see.

My these furnitures are also low polygonal models. But, I made them as SubD models or Uni-mesh.

This chair can be stacked.

To tell the truth it failed. This is pretending to be stackable. Such specifications are unnecessary for digital furnitures, though.

Now, I’m always wondering what should I make as freebies of my blog. Almost people will not visit here if I put the freebies on ShareCG. But this time I decided to enrich my ShareCG gallery. I hope you like them.

Happy Holidays 😀

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  1. Richard Owens

    Seen it over there at sharecg and picked it up. Thank you very much 🙂

  2. mininessie

    They are great and very useful…i will make a render when i have time, a bit busy right now!

  3. It’s beautiful, thank you!

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