Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P.

I had trouble with rigging of the pants for M4 with DAZStudio. But, I will upload my M4 Summer Clothings soon after checking them on Windows.

I am recently very interesting to Dawn figure. She smiles beautifully. She has a bone in her jaw.

But she is a weight-mapped figure. I don’t have PoserPro, yet. And I can’t edit the weight-maps.

Figure’s weight-maps probably are burned to a new OBJ file together when the bones of the figure were loaded into the clothes OBJ at Poser’s set-up room. I had to use the OBJ file which Poser generated. Such OBJ files may sometimes had a strange warp between the joints. I couldn’t modify it.

Image DFS Chest Error

And I couldn’t make almost modify of joints.

The making of the files for DAZStudio is more difficult to me. I don’t know making the clothes with DAZStudio at all. The Body Morphs will be burned together on the Clothes as the weight-maps when the clothes were put on a weight-mapped figure with DAZStudio. Then, DAZStudio generates a new file of geometries. And I don’t need to create any body morph. I use those morphs unwillingly. Because I don’t know any method to modify them. And more, the joints of the clothes parts were divided in the strange position.

Then, I have no excuse to the DAZStudio users. Nobody wants such a clothing?

Image DFS DS Error

And I had much trouble to making her boots. Mostly I had a difficulty by the rigging of the shoes to a figure. Her shoes are particularly bad. I had to do the modeling of the strange shaped boots. I had to make the boots fit to her default pose from the first.

Image DFS Strange Shape

And her weight-maps interfered in the boots again.

Image DFS Foot Error

Still, I don’t want PoserPro. I might not be able to master it. I hate that the work with Poser increases than my 3d-program.

Image Dawn FS W.I.P.

But she is beautiful.

She is here; http://hivewire3d.com/dawn-starter-pack.html

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  1. Alisa

    That looks lovely, Elleque!! And her price is still zero – they said for a month 🙂

    • elleque

      Alisa, Thanks for the info 😀 It sounds nice. Her price was set up in about 24 dollars when I checked it yesterday.
      Get her if interested in my work. Although I couldn’t make worthy enough clothing for her, but even such clothes may be useful a little to know her good quality.

  2. Alisa

    She is still free, you just have to uncheck everything but Dawn Base. There was something wrong on the site at one point, but she’s defintitely still free 🙂 And you DO make worthy clothing, my friend!

    • elleque

      I understood it. Alisa, Thanks 🙂
      This set may be some useful for Poser users, but this is not good for DAZStudio users.

  3. Alisa

    Ah, well, still nice! I use both but I use DS more 🙂

    • elleque

      I thought that you mainly used Poser. Is DS easy-to-use? I like the fast firefly render of Poser. Because I am quick-tempered 😀

  4. mininessie

    i think you did a great job…even with the weigthmapped issues…i use Daz too,for me is more easy…but because is the first 3d program i tried!

    • elleque

      On the whole I like DAZStudio. It is awesome that it is a free program.
      But I can’t wait its rendering speed.
      I spent 30 min to make the render image in this WIP4.
      As for Poser9, it will take about only 3 min.

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