I am always capricious. I tend to have interest in another thing when I am making something. I was making 3 costumes in the concurrent this time. Usually I throw either one out halfway. I completed 2 costumes for Pranx. And I finished the third costume this time.

This is my first sexy dress for V4.

This has one sloppy Morph to open the front. I wanted to add some bold Morphs like vendors of V4 clothes. But I am too shy to make such Morphs.

No one will be able to expect that even if I make more adult’s costumes in the future.

If you use an automatic install program, decompress the zip file first, and pick up the runtime folder, and compress it again.
Read the readme.txt file, and confirm whether there are the required files.

This package isn’t suitable for DAZ|Studio users.
I prepared the D|S version separately.

My image at RENDEROSITY’s gallery:BLACK CAT for V4

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