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The room prop W.I.P.

Now I am trying to make a simple stage setting. I haven’t made a big prop yet, like a room.

Tiny Dining table and chairs W.I.P. 2

I wanted retro appearance for the dining sets. I needed a texture of fringe.

Tiny Dining table and chairs W.I.P.

I was thinking about a design of the dining table and chairs.

The 3rd Dish W.I.P.

The Napolitana is a pasta recipe which’s sauce using tomato ketchup. It is an easy cooking which does not need the time and effort to make the sauce.

The 2nd Dish W.I.P. 2

I stopped to uploading the omelet props. Now I am making a fork for the French Toast props. I thought, is it necessary to make the different materials…

The 2nd Dish W.I.P.

Is this also an egg dish? I took another picture. I like French toast.

A Dish W.I.P.

I am not a good cook. I usually make the little dishes which goes well with beer. But, I tried to make a dish for a little child,…

Do you need an egg prop?

Do you need an egg prop?

Rabbit Suit W.I.P.

Setup-Room of my Poser7 was odd from the first. Thus I liked to use Poser6. But I can’t use it any more. Now I am trying to use…

Pippin Beanie W.I.P.

I am making a cap for Pippin.

New clothing for somebody W.I.P.

I who is an incorrigible person am making M3 clothing again. And I dislike that  joints of the side and hip after all. The result looks unrefined.

M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P. 4

I wonder how many person is interested in my work when I upload a 3D model which has no texture. I know that there are few such people.

M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P. 3

A watch is essential in the fashion of a gentleman. Though it may be already an outdated sense, but I love a watch.

M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P. 2

I often found a fatal mistake at the final stage of the work.

M3 Short Style Clothing W.I.P.

I was working on the last item (Room Screen) of my Asian Luxuries series. But I am not still finishing it completely. Muggy summer stopped my thinking. I…

Asian Luxuries W.I.P. 3

My Rattan Chair got 20 comments at Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area 😀 My props had never got such number of comments.