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Sadie’s Hula Girl Clothes were modified

Sadie’s Hula Girl Clothes were modified for Poser8 use.

Loosey-Goosey Pak1

Poser 6 Contents

Loosey Dress W.I.P. 3

This will be a set item of the Loosey Dress. An illustration of a cartoon character matches a colorful vinyl bag for children. I had to draw a…

Loosey Dress W.I.P. 2

Making a texture takes much my effort. But this is an enjoyable work.

Hula Girl for Sadie

Updated April 21, 2012This is a package of summer clothes for Sadie.  Pranx version of the set was separated.

The Maile-Lei-like.

I arranged the leaf objects.Though they don’t have delicate details very much.