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Summer Casual Beach Ball

The completion of the beach clothes for M4 is close.But, I am fed up with making the clothes for a figure which has many morphs. Then, I recalled…

Pippin’s Tiny Table – Tableware

I prepared the tableware before lunch. These props will be need to the food props which I intend to upload after. These props are not suitable for a…

Pippin Egg

I tried to make an egg. But I already have a lot of egg props. Then, I thought of making a broken egg.

Do you need an egg prop?

Do you need an egg prop?

Kiddy Couch

I am sorry. I have not time to make a freebie of Pranx for the Christmas. I prepared a simple thing.  Mostly such a thing doesn’t take effort…

Dwarvez Archimedes for Poser 6

Unfortunately I gave up making of the DS Mats of this set. You must set the materials of this by yourself if you are an DS user.

Asian Luxuries Room Screen

I tried to get the better texture of the rattan. I hoped that I get a good material from a small basket. Muggy Summer exhausted me to going…

Asian Luxuries Rattan Table

Before the summer mugginess has worn me down, I upload this.

Asian Luxuries Rattan Chair

The chair was completed. I modified a part of the texture and the backrest.

A Tiny Great Guy W.I.P. 3

Perhaps most people visiting here aren’t interested in such a wild guy figure. I was stopping a work that make this man a sage of the ancient Greek.

Stuffed Bunny

This toy was a Christmas freebie at Renderosity from me and trumarcar.I won’t upload a freebie into that event place in future. Because I wasn’t able to know…

Game Aficionad – Mini Bar Cabinet

I was very busy on my job in the end of the year. I intended to upload this by the Christmas days. The files were completed, but I…

Game Aficionado – Cocktail Shaker

I made them very easily. These don’t have a good looks at the point-blank range. Because these aren’t much polygonal models.

Game Aficionado – Mini Bar Stand

This is a small bar stand for your personal room.This has a small sink. Will the props which I made be individual a little?

Game Aficionado – Bar Stool

I made this stool in a hurry for the advertising of my friend’s product. I always needed such a simple stool. I who am lazy don’t readily act…

Game Aficionado – DARTS

The Dartboard props may be already mundane.