Tag: Halloween

Halloween Junk 2021 – Cat Stool

My La Femme freebies are featured on Poser Pulse on October 6th at Renderosity! That is an article of a cute witch’s large banner image 😀

Halloween Junk 2020 – Witch Hat

Simple gift for Halloween.

Sweet Scream

Once again, I have made a worthless object.

Aiko3 Skull Kids Outfit

This is a trashy work. But, I am lacking drive to adjust this work now.

Halloween Junk 2016 – Toy Cat Chuck

I tried to make a 3d-model after a long time.I had almost forgotten the making of the Poser figures.

Halloween Junkies 2014 Jack’s Container

It is a small item. And this has no textures, has no UV map. But it is a high polygonal model to be contrary to the looks.

Halloween Junkies 2014 Jack

I was wavering in the naming. But a good name was not found after all. Well, I think that I have to make his debut as a new…

Boo! for Pippin Basket

Ghost Pippin attacks you! Are you ready to hand in a candy to Pippin?Also give me the one of grapefruit flavor 😛

The Horror of Pippin W.I.P.

Must hurry because Halloween is close.

Halloween junkies Glutton Boo

This is a gift of Halloween from me.