Tag: Hair

Worker Cap and Hair for Genesis 8 Females

This is a rough and simple hair model. Because I made this for comic renders of Poser.

Buzzed Nape Short Bob for G8F or La Femme

The other day I made eyebrows for La Femme with fine polygons. I wanted to use such things a little more.

Baby Thin Hair for Baby Luna

A prop hair for HiveWire 3D’s Baby Luna.

Aiko3 Skull Kids Outfit

This is a trashy work. But, I am lacking drive to adjust this work now.

Scalp Hair for Pippin Basket

I am still struggling with my new computer.Unfortunately, DS3 didn’t work with Vista on my virtual machine. And, also Poser6 didn’t work with my new Mac. But older…

EXP Hair for Hiro 3

This is a hair style for Hiro3 which I made more than 2 years ago, has many mistake points. This has many unique morphs for face of Hiro3…

Sadie’s Good Cook Girl Pack 3

These are hair accessories for 3D Universe Sadie.Tested with Poser 6 and Daz Studio 2.