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New membership website opened.

I built a new membership website at long last.

Another beautiful clothes from Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chest Freebies

Added the RSS link of this website.

I added the RSS link of this website on the left-side-menu. I think that add-ons for browsers are easy to reading RSS feeds. If you use some browser’s…

Very pretty! New clothes for Pranx 2 at Treasuer Chest.

Treasure Chest Freebies

The skirt for Lola W.I.P.

I made some clothes for Toon Grrl Lola. There is still a indispensable item for the action actress. It’s a mini skirt!

Summer Casual Deck Shoes for Scampixie Pranx 2

Scampixie Pranx 2 freebie news

Summer Casual Deck Shoes for Dawn

These shoes are refit of V4’s shoes for Dawn SR2 or SE.

Summer Casual Deck Shoes MATs

Materials for my free shoes

How to use Poser contents with Daz Sutdio?

I’m sorry. I found some failures on the Daz Studio version of Pranx 2. So, I updated the data. The update notice will reach you soon. And, the…

Summer Casual Deck Shoes for LaFemme

at Renderosity

Failures of Pranx 2’s Daz Studio version.

Product Update Info

It is rainy.


Deck Shoes for Lola and Lalo

I uploaded a new item for Lalo into Renderosity’s free stuff area. Check my freebie page;

Marching Band

Today is rainy and the air temperature fell a little. I am going to make a freebie for Pranx 2.

New item for Toon Grrl Lola

Today I uploaded a new item for Toon Grrl Lola at Renderosity Free Stuff Area.


Free Stuff Update Info