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Goth Lady for Aiko 3

I was making a shirt for M4. But I failed in the modeling of the neckline. I have to redo it from the first again 🙁 It is…

New clothing for somebody W.I.P. 3

I don’t know well about a Goth-fashion. Recent it seems to have not a clear definition. I thought it may be a dress which looks like a dark…

New clothing for somebody W.I.P. 2

I completely forgot why I stopped this work. So, I had trouble that Aiko3’s foot overflows the boots flabbily.

Boo! for Pippin Basket

Ghost Pippin attacks you! Are you ready to hand in a candy to Pippin?Also give me the one of grapefruit flavor 😛

The Horror of Pippin W.I.P.

Must hurry because Halloween is close.

Dawn’s Free Style (DAZStudio 4.6 Clothing)

The image was rendered with Daz Studio 4.6

Dawn’s Free Style (Poser 9 Clothing)

This package is only for Poser 9. The image was rendered with Poser 9.

Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P. 4

I made the MATs for DAZStudio. Just one more effort. I am going to make some morphs for the stole until this weekend.

Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P. 3

I modified the weight-map of Boots’ cuff with difficulty.

Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P. 2

I felt a little thing insufficient. And I made the new smart props.

Summer Casual for M4

I hate such a muggy season. I thought a Poser-figure also needs the clothes for summer.

Dawn’s Free Clothing W.I.P.

I had trouble with rigging of the pants for M4 with DAZStudio. But, I will upload my M4 Summer Clothings soon after checking them on Windows. I am…

Summer Casual Beach Ball

The completion of the beach clothes for M4 is close.But, I am fed up with making the clothes for a figure which has many morphs. Then, I recalled…

The swimming trunks for M4 W.I.P. 2

I have wanted the untidy shirts for M4. But, I don’t know about free items for M4 well, since I was not eager for collecting them. What would…

The swimming trunks for M4 W.I.P.

I wanted to make the loose pants for M4 for a long time. Almost pants which I have are tight-fit for M4 like the tights. The shape of…

Familiar Bikini Add On for V4.2

This is 2nd support item for a product of crender, “Charm Familiar Bikini”.