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A powerful rival

Handsaw – I have not seen such a blade for Table-Tennis.

Sport Challenge 2016

Game Hosting said, โ€œFree Entry. The date is not yet decided. We will let you know fickle information later.โ€

The House of May

I verified this set worked in Poser6 and DAZStudio2 on the old WindowsOS. But a set of lights which I made was bad for them. And the render…

I wrote the Term of Use.

Some people asked me the term of use about my freebies for commercial use.

The test modeling of weight-mapped clothes 3

I wanted a reference book of Poser11 translated by my native language. But the packaged book was only for English ๐Ÿ™ Reading a technical book of Foreign language…

The test modeling of weight-mapped clothes 2

Superfly render spends much time than Firefly render.

The test modeling of weight-mapped clothes

The latest Poser has a new render engine. I was perplexed by it. I was going to make a set of lights for the House of May. But…

Building a house 4

Today, I uploaded an image to my gallery at Renderosity. it’s for my friend.

Building a house 3

Made more props, Simple Table, Small Drawers and Tulip Light.I like Tulips.

Building a house 2

I was shopping at InkyDeals‘ shop recently. I have got many nice textures and illustrations there. That made me start this work.

Building a house

It is a long time since I made my latest figure. My computer has got old. It doesn’t cope with a latest Poser.

Xmas 2015 Gift Rudolf

Season’s Greetings from me. I’m sorry, I didn’t visit your Galleries at Renderosity for a while. I am very busy. Still busy.

Lovelies In My Life – Small Heart Bag –

I got an idea of this prop when I was making an image for my friend’s birthday. I am still making more items. Mug: Exnem Art of Fiona…

I got a lot of lemon.

Although I don’t really like a sour taste, but I love lemons. It is nice to preserve the slice lemons in sugar for tea. I need a glass…

Rabbit Mobile Toy

The Easter of a This Year is in April. Disney-land in Tokyo is advertizing the Easter festival to us at this season. It is so lovely. It is…

What do you need except a rabbit and the colorful eggs?

Although Easter is meaningless for me because I’m not a christian, but it is good that people enjoy a festival. I would also like to join to the…