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24 Drawers

Cute! Cute! Cute Monsters on the grid! I made this because I wanted to make this image.

Making additional Doll Furnitures.

I was going to add a side table to my doll furnitures. But, the Cabriole leg table looks unsteady to me. I sought other items.

Open Toe Rubber Shoes for Boo

I’m not going to update all my products for supporting Boo.

My Product Updata – Boo Morph Only

I made Bugga Boo morphs for my two hairstyles.

Doll Sofa

Do not stand on the sofa with your shoes on.

Boa Boots for Pranx 2

Scampixie freebie news

How to use Daz Studio dForce Clothes with Poser as Dynamic Cloth.

Today I have a time. I tried to use Daz Studio dForce clothes with Poser 11 again.

Beautiful free Clothes for Pranx 2 by Leilana.

Pranx is a very happy character. This is an instant play with Pranx2’s new free clothes.

Petite Style Colorful Tights for Genesis 8 Female(s)

These are tights, not a pantyhose.

I take a vacation.

I will be not online for 10 days or more on vacation during the New Year holidays. I can’t correspond to inquiries about my products and freebies ror…

Pavement Cafe Props – Pavement

This is not a free 2D resource. Do not include any files of this package in your project planed to distribute. Use only to make your rendering images.

A bad work.

I never share this.

Pavement Cafe Props – Garden Parasol and Carry Wagon

These may be boring props than designed furnitures and a large tree. But I thought Pavement cafes need garden parasols or some kind of sunshade.

Pavement Cafe Props – Coffee

Recently I went to an art museum. Beautiful Demitasse cups were displayed there. The little coffee cups are like jewels.

Pavement Cafe Props – Roadside Tree Ginkgo

I made a tree for the first time. I love ginkgo trees.

Pavement Cafe Props – Cafe Table & Cafe Chair

I was looking for a chair to make promo images for my sales item. There will be a suitable chair prop in my huge runtime.